"Attention is different from willing oneself to be oriented towards a certain thought. Attention is continually arising. Recently I’ve been realizing that the process of making is not this linear stream of idea to fruition, but actually a conversation with whatever strange creative creation appears before me. The work, the attention, is actually more like a conversation. I think one of the things that’s so great about being an artist is that I get to see this thing that I make that does feel outside of myself in a lot of ways. It also feels as if it is linked to a larger well of creative energy and inspiration that is actually more of a connective tissue that all artists share. There’s this kind of looking back-ness in the work that I’m really giving more due to. More and more, especially within the pandemic, I’m interested in how incredible the experience of looking at artwork is, because there is a limited access to that experience. I want that reflection in the details and the attention. I want the artwork to reward that looking to be engaged and to have discoveries therein, if you give it your attention.


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